English Dubbing/Version Inclusion on the DVD

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Re: English Dubbing/Version Inclusion on the DVD

#126 Post by MichaelB » Thu Jun 24, 2021 2:30 pm

I've mentioned this already in its dedicated thread, but it's well worth watching Werner Herzog's Invincible in dubbed German. Not because it's the original language - regardless of the mostly German setting and characters and the director's nationality, the film was unambiguously shot in English - but because I found the performances of two out of three leads to be rather more convincing in German, very possibly because the German voices were dubbed by professional actors whereas Jouko Ahola (a real-life Finnish strongman) and Anna Gourari (a real-life Russian concert pianist) aren't just making their acting debuts but also performing in a language other than their native ones.

Although Tim Roth - as you'd expect - plays better in English, so there's no perfect version.

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